Webstore terms and conditions

11 October 2018


1. General
These terms and conditions concern the Mouse Out webstore, operated by Mouse Out Oy, Savijärventie 82, 13500 Hämeenlinna, Business ID: 1614852-8.

By using the Mouse Out webstore, customers shall accept these terms and conditions and consent to compliance with them.

Mouse Out does not guarantee an uninterrupted service in the webstore, and disruptions may occur e.g. due to hardware maintenance or repair operations. Mouse Out may not be held responsible for any damage incurred by the use of the webstore unless otherwise decreed by relevant legislation.


Mouse Out Oy reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions by publishing the amended terms and conditions on the company website. Please read through the currently valid terms and conditions before placing an order.


To place an order in the webstore, a customer must comply with the webstore terms and conditions, meet the conditions set forth in the terms and conditions and provide full and accurate personal details. Customers must rectify any erroneous information concerning themselves without delay. Mouse Out may not be held responsible for a customer not receiving their order, order confirmation or other documents due to incorrect information provided by the customer.


Customer details are stored in a customer register operated by Mouse Out Oy. Further information about the processing and use of customer data is available in the Description of File.



All webstore content (including images, text, product information, trademarks, videos, logos and tables) falls under the copyright and other intellectual property rights belonging to Mouse Out Oy, and as such may not be used or copied for unauthorised purposes. All disputes concerning intellectual property rights are subject to Finnish legislation.


Secure purchases

We wish to make using our webstore as safe as possible. All customer details collected in the webstore (upon placing an order) are transferred to Mouse Out Oy using a secure online connection (SSL encryption).


Use of cookies
The Mouse Out Oy webstore uses cookies. Cookies are small text files stored in your browser when you are using an online store, allowing the store to monitor its visitors. In general, using cookies makes shopping online and e.g. logging into a webstore easier. Additionally, cookies allow webstores to collect and combine information about their customers.


Using cookies is safe, and they cannot damage your computer or personal files. You can disable the use of cookies in your browser settings. However, disabling cookies may limit the intended functionality of the webstore.


Mouse Out uses Google Analytics, an analysis tool provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses text-format cookies for improved usage analyses of the Mouse Out website. Google transmits to and stores website usage information based on cookie data, including IP addresses, on its servers in various countries. This information may be processed outside of your country of residence. The data is used to analyse website user behaviour, to generate reports on website activity and for providing services related to browsing the website and the internet.


Google may also hand over data to third parties if legally required to do so, or if a third party is processing the data on Google’s behalf. Your IP address will not be linked to any other personal data Google may have on you. You can disallow the use of cookies by disabling them in your browser settings. However, some of the intended features on the website may not be available if cookies are disabled. By using this website, you approve of Google processing your data in the aforementioned manner and in accordance with the Google data protection policy.


2. Placing an order in the webstore
In the Mouse Out webstore, you can either create a customer account or order products without signing in. Upon placing an order, the requested information must be provided for the purchased products to be delivered. The availability and estimated delivery time of a product will be provided upon an order being placed.


You can test the product and make your final purchase decision within 14 days of receiving the product (cancellation right as intended in the Consumer Protection Act). Returned products must be fit to be sold again. The original packaging must not be damaged or otherwise in poor condition.


The customer approves an order in the webstore, after which payment is processed. After this, no changes can be made to the order in the webstore. If you wish to cancel or change your order after confirming it in the webstore, please contact the Mouse Out customer service.


After placing an order, you will receive an electronic confirmation where you can check your order details. We recommend that order confirmations are retained for later use (warranty claims).


Accepted payment methods in the Mouse Out webstore include online bank payment, credit card payment, mobile payment, invoice and payment in instalments. The accepted payment cards are Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard, Diners Club and JCB.


Customers must be over 18 to make purchases in the webstore.


If an ordered product is not available, Mouse Out will contact the customer placing the order. If necessary, Mouse Out Oy is entitled to cancel the order.


Delivery methods and fees
All products are delivered to a branch office selected by the customer or as home delivery to the address provided by the customer. Delivery fees are added to the total sum of the order paid upon the order’s confirmation.


If a customer selects home delivery upon placing an order, they must provide a phone number where Posti postal services may contact them to arrange a suitable delivery time. Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. in urban areas, elsewhere mainly between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. The Mouse Out webstore currently delivers products only in Finland.


Delivery of products
After an order is placed, it is transferred to our logistics centre for processing. If the ordered product is in stock, the estimated delivery time is approximately 5 weekdays. If the order has more than one product, all items in stock will be delivered together, if possible. If a product is temporarily out of stock or has a non-standard delivery time, the product is delivered at a later time. All products are delivered according to the delivery method selected by the customer.


3. Returns
You can test the product and make your final purchase decision within 14 days of receiving the product. Returned products and their original packaging must be handled with care. If you have used the product or handled it in a careless manner, you are liable for any loss of value up to the full purchase price of the product. Make sure to return all items included in the original packaging, including instruction manuals.


Instructions for returning products:
1. Fill in the return form delivered with the product or fill in the return form online and print it out.
2. Carefully repackage the product together with the return form, delivery itinerary and instruction manual using the original or equivalent packaging. Correctly sized packaging materials and sufficient padding help minimise the risk of damage during delivery.
3. Mail the package, completed return form and delivery itinerary to the following address:
Customer returns, Mouse Out Oy, Savijärventie 82, 13500 Hämeenlinna.
Make sure to request a receipt for the package and retain the receipt for a period of three months.
E-mail address for Mouse Out Oy: info@mouseout.fi


Make sure to provide your bank account details for us to refund your purchase. Returning products is free in cases where the returned product is faulty. For other cases, a postal fee of EUR 7.50 is charged for returns.
Please note that the sender is responsible for packaging returned products appropriately. If a product is insufficiently packaged and damaged during delivery, the sender is held liable for the damage.


If you have received a faulty or a wrong product, please return it according to these instructions. Additionally, please describe the issue with the product in the ‘Additional Information’ field of the return form and state whether you would like to receive a new/correct product. In the case of a faulty product, no delivery fee is charged for a new product.


We will refund your purchase within 14 days of receiving your return form, provided that we have also received the product in question. You will be refunded the sum of your purchase minus the cost of your chosen delivery method. Refunds are made using the same payment method originally used to make the purchase. Card payments are refunded using the same card details. If you have paid for your purchase via an online banking service, it is important that you provide your bank account number upon returning a product for us to refund your purchase.


Warranty and the retailer’s liability
If a product is subject to a warranty granted by the manufacturer, this is stated in the product information. The warranty does not limit the retailer’s statutory liability as defined in the Consumer Protection Act. The delivery itinerary delivered together with the purchased products functions as proof of warranty. The warranty terms and conditions delivered together with the purchased products apply and may include limitations to the warranty.


Within the warranty period, Mouse Out Oy may be discharged from liability if it can present reasonable proof that the product in question has been damaged as a result of an accident, inappropriate handling or some other factor the customer is responsible for. If the product in question has been damaged due to one of the aforementioned factors or the issue stated by the customer cannot be observed, Mouse Out Oy is entitled to charge an inspection fee.


Customers must notify Mouse Out Oy of faulty products reasonably soon after observing the fault. However, at the latest, notification must be made within two months of observing the fault.


Other terms and conditions
Finnish law is applied both to these terms and conditions and to any disputes arising between a customer and Mouse Out Oy.


Erroneous pricing
Mouse Out Oy reserves the right to cancel an order in the case of clearly and substantially erroneous pricing. This refers to the potential, erroneous pricing of a product in the webstore in such a way that the resulting price deviates so dramatically and substantially from the product’s normal pricing that an average consumer would be expected to interpret it as a mistake. Examples of clearly erroneous pricing include prices of EUR 0.00, products with no price whatsoever and products worth hundreds of euros with a price so low that, according to common sense, it would be considered erroneous.


Force majeure
Mouse Out Oy may not be held liable for any delays or damage caused by such factors outside of its scope of influence that it could not reasonably have been expected to prepare for or the consequences of which it could not have avoided. Force majeure includes industrial action, medical emergencies, import and export bans, disruptions in widely used data connections, blackouts and disruptions in postal and road transport services. If a situation constituting a force majeure continues for more than one month, both Mouse Out Oy and the customer have the right to cancel an order with no compensation liability for damage or delays.


In accordance with Finnish law, Mouse Out Oy is responsible for any potentially faulty products. In case disputes arise, customers may refer them to the Consumer Disputes Board. We recommend that you contact consumer advice before referring a dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board. The Consumer Disputes Board may refuse to settle a dispute in case consumer advice has not been consulted on the matter.


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