Warranty returns and repairs

In accordance with Finnish law, we are responsible for any potentially faulty products. The MOUSE OUT electrification unit comes with a 12-month warranty. We recommend that you keep the delivery itinerary delivered together with the purchased products, as this functions as proof of purchase and warranty.


What to do if your MOUSE OUT rodent control system is faulty:

1. Complete the notification form (link to the form here) and print it out.
2. Carefully repackage the product together with the form and delivery itinerary using the original or equivalent packaging. Correctly sized packaging materials and sufficient padding help minimise the risk of damage during delivery.
3. Mail the product, completed notification form and delivery itinerary to the following address:
Mouse Out Oy, Savijärventie 82, 13500 Hämeenlinna.
Make sure to request a receipt for the package.
E-mail address for repair services: info@mouseout.fi


Please note that the sender is responsible for packaging returned products appropriately. If a product is insufficiently packaged and damaged during delivery, the sender is held liable for the damage.


If the repair services observe damage not covered by the warranty, they will contact the customer. A cost assessment is priced according to the repair services’ price list with a minimum fee is EUR 30. If the faulty device is repaired outside of the warranty, inspection and cost assessment fees are included in the price of the repairs. Delivery fees are always added to prices.



In accordance with Finnish law, Mouse Out Oy is responsible for any potentially faulty products. In case of a dispute, you may refer it to the Consumer Disputes Board. We recommend that you contact consumer advice before referring a dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board. The Consumer Disputes Board may refuse to settle a dispute in case consumer advice has not been consulted on the matter.


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