You can test the product and make your final purchase decision within 14 days of receiving the product. Returned products and their original packaging must be handled with care. If you have used the product or handled it in a careless manner, you are liable for any loss of value up to the full purchase price of the product. Make sure to return all items included in the original packaging, including instruction manuals.
Instructions for returning products:

1. Complete the return form (link) delivered with the product you wish to return and print it out.
2. Carefully repackage the product together with the return form, delivery itinerary and instruction manual using the original or equivalent packaging. Correctly sized packaging materials and sufficient padding help minimise the risk of damage during delivery.
3. Mail the package, completed return form and delivery itinerary to the following address:
Customer returns, Mouse Out Oy, Savijärventie 82, 13500 Hämeenlinna.
Make sure to request a receipt for the package and retain the receipt for a period of three months.
E-mail address for Mouse Out Oy:


Make sure to provide your bank account details for us to refund your purchase. Returning products is free in cases where the returned product is faulty. On other cases, a postal fee of EUR 7.50 is charged for returns.


Please note that the sender is responsible for packaging returned products appropriately. If a product is insufficiently packaged and damaged during delivery, the sender is held liable for the damage.


In case you have received a faulty or a wrong product, please return it according to these instructions. Additionally, please describe the issue with the product in the ‘Additional Information’; field of the return form and state whether you would like to receive a new/correct product. In the case of a faulty product, no delivery fee is charged for a new product.


We will refund your purchase within 14 days of receiving your return form, provided that we have also received the product in question. You will be refunded the sum of your purchase minus the cost of your chosen delivery method. Refunds are made using the same payment method originally used to make the purchase. Card payments are refunded using the same card details. If you have paid for your purchase via an online banking service, it is important that you provide your bank account number upon returning a product for us to refund your purchase.