Here are some questions from our customers along with our answers.


Is the device safe to use? Our family has two small children, a dog and a cat. What if our children or pets touch the electrified strip?

The device’s operation is based on the same technology that has been used for a long time for horse pastures, for example. The device will deliver an electric shock that can be felt but is not harmful to humans or animals. The electrification unit transmits electric impulses into the electrified strip every 1.3 seconds. This short-term voltage makes the device safe to use.
The device is CE approved BCTC-FY161105851C.


The device operates on electricity. How much does the device cost to use?

Connected to a mains supply around the year, the annual usage cost of the system with current electricity prices is approximately 3 euros.


Is the device difficult to install? Can I install it myself if I can use a drill?

Anybody can install the Mouse Out system. If you can hang pictures on your living room walls, you can also install the Mouse Out system.


I can’t install the system myself. Where can I get help with the installation?

Contact the Mouse Out customer service and we will find you an installer. Other options include local summer cabin caretakers, renovators etc. Installing the system does not require any special expertise.


What if a rodent gets inside the walls despite the system?

Check all the connections and connectors. Make sure the electrified strip is installed around the perimeter of the building a minimum of 30 cm from ground surface. Mice can also enter a building using objects and vegetation leaning against the walls of the building, so make sure to remove these.
Make sure there are no cracks in the walls between the installation height of the electrified strip and ground surface or immediately below ground surface. Rodents can enter through cracks as small as just 1 cm.


How do I know the device is functioning correctly and has an electric current? Do I have to touch the electrified strip and receive an electric shock to check if the system works?

You can order a voltage meter from our webstore or purchase one from the nearest hardware store. An easy way to test the voltage is to use e.g. a hammer with a rubber-covered handle. Hold onto the rubber handle and touch the metal part of the hammer to the electrified strip. If the strip has a current, the resulting electric shock will be audible and visible. It is not advisable to touch the strip with your bare hands when the system is switched on, as the resulting electric shock can be painful.


Can I install the Mouse Out system in my summer cabin that is not connected to the mains network?

Yes, you can. The Mouse Out can also be operated by battery. A battery cable is delivered with each device.


How long is the warranty for the device? If my device is broken, where can I have it repaired?

The device comes with a 12-month warranty. The importer will repair a broken device or replace it with a new one.


My Mouse Out system is connected to a mains supply but has no electric current. What is wrong?

First, make sure the electrification unit is correctly plugged into an electric outlet. Do not use extension cables, plug the unit directly into an electric outlet. If this does not help, check the electrification strip around the full perimeter of the building. Items left in the space between the strip and the foundation can cause the system to short out. Finally, check the property’s fuse box. If a fuse has blown, replace it with a new one or flip the switch to reactivate an automatic fuse. If the same fuse blows again immediately, unplug all the electric devices grouped under the fuse and switch them on one by one. If all the electric devices function normally without blowing the fuse, the issue may be an overload caused by too many devices being switched on at the same time, exceeding the fuse’s nominal current.