Pekka Pohjanvirta has been an importer of consumer goods since 1997. His family lives in the Hattula countryside, and the scuttling of rodents inside the walls and ceilings of his home used to be an annual nuisance. Various types of pest control solutions were implemented, as when winter came, mice and other rodents found their way inside the property’s walls. At times, the stench of rodents dead from toxic repellents was so bad that some of the upstairs rooms in the house could not be used. In 2015, Pekka gained a new viewpoint on the negative impact of rodents after reading an article on the subject. Rodents are not only unpleasant and spread diseases; in buildings, they also eat the insulation, destroy moisture barriers and gnaw on electrical wiring, causing considerable financial damage. For Pekka, the final straw was a thermal camera image taken in an industrial warehouse, showing how the insulation layer in the building’s walls had become a ‘jungle’ of rodents. Pekka started developing a new, effective and easy-to-use device operating on electricity that would prevent rodents from entering properties altogether.


The two-year development process and piloting is now complete; in January 2018, the first sales batch of MOUSE OUT rodent control systems arrived at the company’s warehouse. With the required patents, the development work has taken a lot of time, effort and capital, but Pekka is happy with the result of his work.

The MOUSE OUT rodent control system is easy to install and use. The system’s annual electricity consumption amounts to approximately 3 euros, and it has been tested under high-stress conditions.


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